A new look at Kant´s Theory of Pleasure

Aesthetic Community Sensus Communis

Aesthetic Judging and The Intentionality of Pleasure

Aesthetic Judging and Perceptual Normativity

After Kant: Re-thinking Hermeneutics and Aesthetics

Beauty as  the Transition from Nature to Freedom in Kant´s Critique of Judgment

Boring Beauty and Universal Morality

Disinterestedness and Desire in Kant´s Aesthetics

Emerson and Kant

Feeling and Aesthetic Judment: A Rejoinder to Tom Huhn

Feeling and Freedom: Kant on Aesthetics and Morality 

Hegel and The Critique of Judgment

Indeterminacy and Reciprocity

Kant after Greenberg

Kant Beauty and the object of Taste

Kant of Fine Art

Kant, Quasi-Realism, and the Autonomy of Aesthetic Judgment

Authority, Reading, Reflexivity

Kant´s a Priori in the Critique of Judgment

Kant´s Characterization of Aesthetic Experience

Kant´s Key to the Critique of Taste

Kant´s Philosophy of Freedom

Kant´s Sublime: A Form of Pure Aesthetic Reflective Judgment

Kant´s Theory of Aesthetics  

Kant´s Theory of the Autonomy of Reflective Judgment as an Ethics of Experimental Thinking

Longuenesse On Allison Interpretation

Moral Anthropology in Kant´s Aesthetics

On Aesthetic Judgment and our Relation to Nature: Kant´s Concept of Purposiveness

On the Mechanism of the Generation of Aesthetic Ideas in Kant

Reason-Giving in Kant´s Aesthetics

Reply to comments of Longuenesse

Review Kant and the Claims of Taste

Review Kant Logik von Aesthetischen Urteilskraft 

Review Kant´s Kunstheorie

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Review the Sublime in Kant and Becket

Review, Kant Autonomy and Art for Art´s Sake

Schopenhauer on the Values of Aesthetic Experience

The Meaning of Universal Validity in Kant´s Aesthetics

The Persistence of Sympathy in Kant´s Aesthetics

The Practical Significance of Taste in Kant´s Critique of Judgment

The Voice of Critique: Aesthetic Cognition after Kant

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