Günter Dietz Menschenwürde bei Homer

A Referential Commentary and Lexicon to Homer Iliad

Ancient Anger Perspectives from Homer to Galen

Homer The Iliad I

Homer Cosmic Fabrication Choice and Design in the Iliad

Homer Blackwell Introductions to the Classical World

Homer, the Bible, and Beyond

Homer. The Odyssey

Odyssee German

Studies on Homer and the Horeric Age - Vol 1

Studies on Homer and the Horeric Age - Vol 2

Studies on Homer and the Horeric Age - Vol 3

The Ilidad

The Odyssey

The Rape of Troy

Troy and Homer


Beve Introducción al pensamiento de Sócrates

City of Sokrates

Descent of Socrates

Remembering Socrates 

Socrates Second Sailing

Socrates, Pleasure, and Value

Socrates and Philosophy in the Dialogues of Plato

Socrates and Plato. The Dialetics of Eros

Socratic Platonic and Aristotelian Studies

The Mask of Socrates


A Companion to Plato

Aiming at Virtue in Plato

Being of the Beautiful

Critical Notes on Plato´s Politeia

Diálogos I. Platón

Diálogos II. Platón

Diálogos III. Platón

Diálogos IV. Platón

Diálogos V. Platón

Dialogue and Dialetic

Eros Unveiled. Plato and the God of Love

Form and Argument in Late Plato

Form and Good in Plato´s Eleatic Dialogues


Gutiérrez - Platón

Knowing Person

Names and Nature in Plato´s Cratylus

Of Myth, Life, and War in Plato´s Republic




Plato´s Philebus

Plato´s Laws

Plato´s Cosmology and its Ethical Dimension

Plato´s Democratic Etanglements

Plato´s Ethics

Plato´s Forms in Transition

Plato´s Introduction of Forms

Plato´s Legislative Demiurgy

Plato´s Meno

Plato´s Parmenides

Plato´s Penal Code

Plato´s Philosophers

Plato´s Political Philosophy

Plato´s Reception of Parmenides

Plato´s Republic A Study

Plato Founders

Plato 1 Metaphysics and Epistemology

Plato 2 Ethics, Politics, Religion, and the Soul

Plato and Hesiod

Plato and the Art of Philosophical Writing

Plato and the Hero

Plato and the Other Companions of Sokrates

Plato and the Poets

Plato and the Question of Beauty

Plato and the Virtue of Courage

Plato Ion

Plato on Knowledge and Forms

Plato on Music, Soul and Body

Plato on Parts and Wholes

Plato on Pleasure and the Good Life

Plato on Punishment

Plato on the Rhetoric of Philosophers and Sophists

Plato´s Socrates As Educator

Plato Through Homer

Plato versus Parmenides

Politics Philosophy Writing Plato´s Art of Caring for Souls

Prudes, Perverts, and Tyrants

Reason and Persuasion

The Argument and the Action of Plato´s Laws

The Art of Living

The Birth of Rhetoric

The Bow and the Lyre

The Brute Whithin

The Cambridge Companion to Plato´s Republic

The Cambridge Companion to Plato

The Civic Conversation of Thucydides and Plato

The Dialetic of Essence

The Heirs of Plato

The Laws of Plato

The Mindwife of Platonism

The Philosopher´s Song

The Play of Character in Plato´s Dialogues

The Transformation of Plato´s Republic

Trials of Reason


A Companion to Aristotle

Aquinas, Aristotle and Promise of a Common Good

Aristotle´s Ethics

Aristotle´s Metaphysics Beta

Aristotle´s Philosophy on Action

Aristoteles Metaphysik

Aristotle, Kant, and the Stoics

Aristotle´s Dialogue with Socrates

Aristotle´s Politics Today

Aristotle´s Theory of Moral Insight

Aristotle´s Theory of Predication

Aristotle´s Theory of Substance

Aristotle´s Theory of The Unity of Science

Aristotle Continuum Library Of Educational Thought

Aristotle Emotions and Education

Aristotle Fundamentals of the History of his Development

Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics

Aristotle Political Philosophy. Founders of Modern

Aristotle Politics

Aristotle Semantics and Odontology Vol 1

Aristotle Semantics and Odontology Vol 2

Aristotle: the desire to understand

Aristotle and Beyond

Aristotle and Logical Theory

Aristotle and the Rediscovery of  Citizenship

Aristotle and the Science of Nature

Aristotle on Definition

Aristotle on False Reasoning

Aristotle on Homonymy

Aristotle on Teleology

Aristotle on the Common Sense

Aristotle on the Goals and Exactness of Ethics

Aristotle on the Human Good

Aristotle on the Nature of Truth

Aristotle on the Perfect Life

Aristotle on the Sense-Organs

Aristotle on Time

Aristotle on Truth

Aristotle Transformed

Aristotle´s Ethics

Aristotle´s Practial Side

Aristotle´s Theory Actuality

Aristotle´s Athenaion Politeia

Being, Nature, and Life in Aristotle

Categorial Scheme Aristotle

Congnition of Value in Aristotle´s Ethics

Commentary on Aristotle´s Politics

Complete Works of Aristotle

Confronting Aristotle´s Ethics

Aristotle´s De Anima

Aristotle´s Divine Intellect

Doctrine of Being in the Aristotelian Metaphysics

Ethics with Aristotle

Aristotle Eudemian Ethics

The Female in Aristotle´s Biology

Happy Lives and the Highest Good

Katharsiskonzeptionen vor Aristoteles

Lenguaje and Meaning

Nature, Change, and Agency in Aristotle´s Physics

Nature, Justice, and Rights in Aristotle´s Politics

Negotiating The Good Life

On Ideas

On Location

On the Several Senses of Being in Aristotle

Order on Multiplicity

Poetik Aristoteles

Political Auhority and Obligation in Aristotle

Political Dimension of Aristotle´s Ethics

Practical Reason, Aristotle, and Weakness of the Will

Practices of Reason

Rational Man



Substantial Knowledge

The Virtue of Aristotle´s Ethics

Time for Aristotle

Unity, Identity and Explanation in Aristotle´s Metaphysics

Unmixing the Intellect

Values and Virtues

Wahrnenhmung und Wissen bei Aristoteles