A Companion to Ancient Philosophy

A Companion to Greek Tragedy

Action, Emotion and Will

Akrasia in Greek Philosophy

Ancient Greek Natural Philosophy

Ancient Literary Criticism

Arnthropology, History, and Education

Antiphon the Athenian

Body and Soul in Ancient Philosophy

Conversational Latin for Oral Proficiency

Die Philosophie der Antike

Dreams and Expierience in Classical Antiquity

El mundo de Odiseo

Entre naturalismo y religión

Essays on Being

Evolution of Morality

Fragility of Goodness

From Soul to Self

Golden Rule

Greek Tragedy and Political Philosophy

Hamlet. The Bantman

Individual and Conflict in Greek Ethics

Knowledge, Nature, and the Good

Latin Everywhere, Everyday

Learn to Read Latin

Mind, Method, and Morality

Money and the Early Greek Mind

Myth and Philosophy

Myths of the Underworld Journey

Naturalization of the Soul

Ontology and the Art of Tragedy

Philosophy and Tragedy

Pleasure and the Good Life

Protagoras and the Challenge of Relativism

Reason and Emotion

Reinventing Paul

Religion and Morality

Self. Ancient and Modern Insights About Individuality,  Life, and Death

Soldiers and Ghosts

Space, Time, Matter, and Form

Stoicism and Emotion

The Cambridge Companion to Aquinas

The Cambridge Companion to Greek and Roman Philosophy

The Cambridge Companion to Greek Mythology

The Cambridge Companion to Homer

The Cambridge Companion to Leo Strauss

The End of Dialogue in Antiquity

The Mexican Frontier 1821-1846

The Mexican War 1846-1848

The Realistic Hope

The Symptom and the Subject

The Talking Greeks

The View from Nowhere

Weakness of the Will

Translation and Survival

Troubling Play

Wheelock´s Latin

Williams Essays The Sense of the Past

World Order in Greek Tragic Dialogue


Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. The Science of Logic


Hegel´s Critique of Essence

Hegel´s Critique of Metaphysics

Hegel´s Ethical Thought

Hegel´s History of Philosophy

Hegel´s Idea of Freedom

Hegel´s Phenomenology

Hegel´s Phenomemology of Spirit

Hegel´s Theory of Imagination

Hegel´s Theory of the Modern State 

Hegel Elements of the Philosophy of Right

Hegel Literature and the Problem of Agency

Hegel Political Writings

Hegel The Routledge Philosophers

Hegel and Christian Theology

Hegel and His Critics

Hegel And Languaje

Hegel and the Analytic Tradition

Hegel and The Other

Hegel and The Tradition

Hegel and The Transformation of Philosophical Critique

Hegel Im Kontext

Hegel on Ethics and Politics

Idealism and Existentialism

Love and Politics

Political Investigations

Reading Hegel´s Phenomenology

The Blackwell Guide to Hegel´s Phenomenology of Spirit

Hegel and Nineteenth Century Philosophy

The Dimensions of Hegel´s Dialetic

The Future of Hegel

The Political Philosophies of Plato and Hegel

Tragedy and Citizenship Hegel